Born in Meran, I live in Florence, Italy.
After a start as an author, cartoonist and illustrator for magazines and newspapers such as Linus, Cuore, Il Manifesto, Il Clandestino, I dedicated myself to different fields of illustration and writing.

My work ranges from illustrating, writing and curating books (in particular in children’s and young adult’s publishing), educational campaigns, advertising, graphic design. I’m directing the Collilunghi book series for Librì publishing house and teaching at Saci Art University.

Main collaborations in publishing: El/Einaudi Ragazzi, Il Castoro, Lapis Edizioni, Walt Disney, Zanichelli, Giunti Editore, Mondadori, Panini, Beisler, Zoolibri, Librì Progetti Educativi. My works were published in USA, France, Great Britain, Spain, China, South Africa and other countries.

Francesco Fagnani